Important Things to Check While Purchasing A Diamond


As per reports, every Australian couple spends around $6000 on the engagement ring. But it mostly becomes impossible for them to judge the actual value of the diamonds. For instance, small variations and hard-to-detect artificial treatments can make a big difference to the actual value of the diamonds. So, to make the best choice, here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while shopping for the diamonds.

Advice to follow while purchasing diamonds:

While it comes to choose a diamond, mainly in case it is for some special occasions like wedding or engagement, then you must learn how to buy diamonds:

  • Only look for those jewelers, who are members of the Diamond Guild Australia or the Jewelers Association of Australia.
  • Ask some important questions to the jeweler. After that, he/she will help you to find the diamond, which is in your price range.
  • Ask specifically whether the diamond is treated and if yes, then what would be the ramifications of that treatment.
  • In case you are in search of a diamond of 0.5 carats or more, then you must ask a grading certification from an independent library.
  • Shop around as the price of the diamonds often varies from one store to another. Don’t forget to check the diamond in good light.
  • Collect a valuation certificate from any valuer, who is registered with the National Council of Jewelry Valuers.

Cost of diamonds:

There are actually a lot of variations while it comes to deciding the cost of the diamonds. In fact, how much the diamond would cost you depends on the cut, size, the origins, the availability of any irregularities or inclusions and many other factors. So, it is necessary to research, shop around and check whether the deal is good for you or not.

Whether purchasing man-made diamonds makes sense:

Apart from the natural diamonds, there are also synthetic and imitation diamonds. Although the later looks as beautiful as the natural one, but this type of diamond is less valuable. So, before purchasing a diamond, it is necessary to check the certification of the diamond along with the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat). Getting the grading certificate from an independent laboratory will describe the characteristics of the stone properly. Certification is mainly done before setting the stone or by taking the stone out in case it is already mounted.