How To Choose A Terrestrial Globe?


Metallic or vintage-inspired, luminous, matte, shiny, smooth or molded in relief, free-standing, interactive. With its spherical shape, it is still our planet’s most precise small-scale reproduction. Let it sit proudly in your home and browse it with your fingertips to appreciate our world’s complexity. This a great gift idea for decoration lovers and travel enthusiasts, which will fuel many conversations about past and future getaways.

A Classic Tripod Globes

Wooden or metal tripod, half-meridian or full meridian, detailed vintage map, or minimalist modern. The globe on a tripod seduces by its ideal stability and many inspirations—a real meeting between the original decorative object and learning, which will suit all atmospheres.

The Designer Models

To combine a love of travel and decoration, we bet on modern models, a little avant-garde perhaps, but which have not finished creating surprises. Glass, shiny metal, and innovative finishes are yours for chic objects that will sit comfortably in any interior!

A Metallic Earth Globes

Among all the inspirations proposed, the metallic terrestrial globes such as Replogle Globes for example certainly allow the most fantasies today. Here, the light blue of the oceans fades in favor of black, apple green, or bright pink, while the continents take on brilliant shades of the most beautiful effect. Completed with a copper or stainless-steel base, they allow a highly qualitative visual rendering without neglecting the precision of the information displayed.

A Levitating Globe

Both decorative and functional, this globe replicates the Earth’s gentle rotation through an electronically controlled magnetic system. Perfect for encouraging the curiosity of the youngest or offering the older ones the centerpiece that will decorate an office or a library.

A Glass Globe

With its transparent structure contrasted by the slightly opaque white of the continents, the terrestrial glass globe cannot concretely meet an educational objective. It will be a wonderful decorative object where the light will reflect nicely. All that remains is to choose between an intermediate model or a miniature version, only a few centimeters in diameter!

A Globe For All Tastes

Solid or openwork is connected to the mains in varnished wood and metal. The terrestrial globe or Desktop Globes fascinates you, whether you are a simple amateur in decoration or an informed explorer. It now has 1001 faces always to meet your expectations as closely as possible. It’s hard not to find what you’re looking for in the face of many designs and colors, so you’ll refine your choice considering your needs and your space.

Alternately precious accessory and cultural object, choose yours without delay and allow it to capture your children’s and guests’ attention!

A Terrestrial Globe: The Perfect Gift Idea

More precise than maps that tend to reduce the planet to a two-dimensional surface, the terrestrial globe is both a decorative and educational gift. We love it for the many variations that will allow it to find its place in any interior and its accuracy and multiple details that are sure to appeal to amateur explorers. To be offered to children and adults alike, travel lovers, intrigued by geography, eager to initiate a dialogue on the different landscapes and cultures worldwide!

Astronomy And Science Gift Idea

Explore the surface of the Earth like the great explorers, or determine the destination of the next adventure; that should be fun every time! Whether it’s discovering distant lands, better appreciating the beautiful topography of our planet, or even exploring the cosmos with an introduction to the different constellations. The terrestrial globe creates surprise and adapts to all events.