Good Reasons To Buy A Digital Piano


Piano such as rachel mendoza for example is an important musical instrument, but what are the reasons for buying a digital piano. Here we will explain the important reasons for it:

  1. The Digital Piano Is Cheaper

It is an observation.

The digital piano is up to 3 times cheaper than an acoustic piano.

This is easily explained by choice of materials (rather synthetic), and the shorter time it is manufactured.

Comparison of materials used to make a digital piano and an acoustic piano

These are not the same materials or manufacturing methods used to create a digital piano and an acoustic piano

  1. The Digital Piano Requires No Maintenance

You put it down, plug it into an electrical outlet, and that’s it.

You do not have to consider drafts, a fireplace’s proximity, or an immediate heat source.

It does not need to be tuned, as it has no strings.

On the other hand, it is allergic to dust and does not support water, a bit like a computer.

It is also best to avoid direct sunlight as this can dull the colors of the piano coverings.

  1. The Digital Piano Is Less Bulky And Easier To Carry

A real piano weighs, on average, 300 kg, while a digital piano weighs 11.5 kg for the Yamaha P45 up to 109 kg for the largest pianos.

In addition, its dimensions in terms of depth, width, and height are less than a real piano. It can find a place almost anywhere.

  1. The Digital Piano Is More Compatible With Family Life

A cat that loves a digital piano

This is a very important point.

It has a sound volume adjustment knob which makes all the difference.

Adjusting the sound volume does not deprive you of the pleasure of playing, quite the contrary!

This makes it possible to balance the good planes and sometimes to hear “acoustically speaking” sounds crushed on a real piano.

In addition, relations with your neighbors are calmed down, and the tranquility of your family life is preserved!

Peace is sometimes at this price, believe my experience.

Besides, my cat is the first to prefer to listen to me play on my digital piano because he can’t stand the sound volume of my acoustic piano! But unlike the one in the photo, he doesn’t hug her…

Often homes are not designed to accommodate an acoustic piano. The reverberation generated, particularly by partitions with metal rails, is very difficult to control.

  1. It Can Connect To A Computer

Your digital piano can connect to your PC or Mac and thus see its functions increased tenfold.

You only need a digital keyboard, a MIDI interface, or a USB cable to do MAO (Computer Aided Music). You can then unleash your musical creativity by mixing several parts and several instruments and making recordings of a pro.

  1. The Digital Piano Is More Playful

Different sounds are available. It can go from the harpsichord to the djembe…

You can also find rhythm boxes on some pianos, which immediately give the music played another flavor.

A sequencer with one or two tracks is very valuable because it allows you to record easily and, therefore to get along better

  1. The Digital Piano Promotes Concentration

Putting yourself in your bubble, playing, and training for yourself and just for yourself without thinking of others is an undeniable asset!

On a digital piano from Greene Music for example, we work more.

Indeed, the particularity of the digital piano is its balanced play. There is no balance of power as on the acoustic piano, therefore;

  • we play with more ease and clarity
  • we are not looking for a sound like a pianist can be on an acoustic piano

It is, therefore, easier to play on a digital piano, and above all, you lose less time.

The pianist goes straight to the point: editing his piece without necessarily trying to please himself.