A guide to open and closed terrarium



There are two types of terrariums that you can choose for your home garden. The first one is the open terrarium and the second type is the closed terrarium. Whether you are choosing an open or closed terrarium, it is very important that you understand how they can be cared for. You also need to know the difference between open and closed terrariums. It is only by understanding them that you will know the option that is suitable for your home.

Understanding more about open terrarium

Just as the name suggests, open terrarium Singapore simply means that the terrarium is open. The containers are always open and plants are free. You can also think of an open terrarium is one that is without a lid. For them to be open, you can access the plants. There are many advantages that one can get from an open terrarium. Here are some of them

  • You will enjoy fresh air from open terrariums. When you choose an open terrarium, fresh air will always be part of your home. This is so because the plants will not be hoarding the fresh air for themselves.
  • You can access the plants for pruning and watering. Just like any other plant, terrarium plants also need to be watered and pruned. If you cannot access the plants that easily, pruning will be very difficult. That is why an open terrarium is a good option for many

Closed terrarium

Apart from the open terrarium, we also have a closed terrarium Singapore Closed terrariums are terrariums whose plants cannot be accessed easily. You can also think of them as terrariums with lids. With a closed terrarium, you will benefit from low maintenance as pruning is less needed. You will not be watering your plants frequently as they can easily recycle their water.