Smoking paraphernalia are basically equipment or tools used to smoke rather than sucking at the tip of regular blunts. There are different types and shapes of smoking paraphernalia depending on the taste of the smoker.

Some prefer equipment with large mouth holes for larger hits while others prefer smaller ones.

What to consider when buying a smoking equipment


The type of equipment matters a lot; hence it is essential to know exactly what you want. Do you want an equipment for smoother guys or larger hits? For larger hits, you might be looking into equipment like bongs which large mouth holes. Bongs are generally large smoking equipment; hence they are generally used by stoners that need to get very high and those who have tolerance to smoking a lot. For smoother hits, you might be looking into water or fluid based equipment like water pipes. The fluid creates a cleaner filter and each drag is guaranteed to be silky smooth.

Size of equipment

The size of the equipment you wish to purchase from a head shop matters as it determines the portability. If it is an equipment you wish to carry with you often, you should look into a smaller size while if it is going to be stationary or seldomly moved, you could go for the big ones which produce very large doses.

Price of equipment

The price of equipment matters as well.  A good smoking equipment should not be way above chart in terms of price. You can get good deals from a online head shop. Compare prices before making any purchase.

Quality of equipment

As you are checking for good prices, it’s also best to look into quality equipment. Some equipment have stayed on the shelf for too long or were made with poor materials. A lot of smoking paraphernalia are glass material, hence if the glass is of low quality, it could easily break while using, cleaning or even storing.


Each smoker has their preference for their equipment. Some prefer different pieces for their pipes or bongs. Some might want the beaker shaped or cylindrical depending on taste. There are a few who customize their equipment to a unique shape. Some go for shapes of symbols such as snakes or the head of a lion for more style and pizazz.

Care of smoking equipment

Smoking equipment are mostly made with intricate parts. These sorts might be difficult to clean especially parts with corners; hence care most be taken while cleaning them.

Regular cleaning must be done to prevent inhaling dirt or even bacteria due to build up of debris. If you are using water-based equipment, the water in it should be changed at regular intervals to prevent smelling and ensure continued smooth hits.

For equipment that can’t be taken apart, narrow soft brushes can be used to clean the interior part. After cleaning, equipment must be completely dry before storing and should be stored in a cool dry place away from potential accidents.