How To Choose Sunglasses Models For Summer 2022


“Summer is coming, the heat in the heart, that colorful magic. And nothing better to enjoy this wave than sun protection accessories, right? And do you already know how to choose sunglasses models for summer 2022?

There are historical divergences about the emergence of the first glasses with sun or dark lenses. Some say they appeared in prehistoric times, created by the Eskimos to protect their eyes from the sun’s reflection in the snow. Others say they emerged in Germany in the thirteenth century.

Regardless of the date of creation, this is currently an essential accessory for eye protection from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, this content from will show you how to choose sunglasses models for your style, face type, and daily needs.

How To Choose The Type Of Sunglasses?

When choosing sunglasses, the first thing to do is to find out if they have UV protection, preferably UV 400 protection, which guarantees 100% protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on vision health. Now that eye protection is guaranteed, let’s show you different types of sunglasses to suit the most diverse styles and daily routines.

Round Sunglasses

Round glasses are a classic! Whether small, in the best John Lennon style or very large, like the bug eyes immortalized by Twiggy in the 1970s. The rounded edges bring an air of modernity to the look. Pieces with smooth frames in black or tortoiseshell also go well for a classic work look, while the more colorful models are a great choice for a summer beach look.

Oval Sunglasses

Oval sunglasses are popular. They elevate the modern take on round glasses with slightly flattened frames, expanding the field of vision on the sides. Because they have a more architectural frame, they look beautiful in different colors, as seen in the recently launched Rafaela model, which is already a success!

Square Sunglasses

Square frames are modern and stylish. Perfect for those with a round face, they balance the look and elevate production with a unique sophistication status. They can be used for any occasion, from business lunches to boat trips with friends.

Cat Sunglasses

The kitten model is always a success. With a slight upward slant, this frame is bold and lifts any look. As it is a more modern frame with a touch of ambition, the kitten is ideal to use in meeting a client you need to impress or on a date with the crush you want to conquer.

Colorful Sunglasses

Colors invaded the fashion world, and it was no different with sunglasses frames. Yellow, green, blue, choose your favorite color, and bet on models with more color in every sense. They are perfect for combining colorful or monochrome looks and making the beach look more fun and relaxed.

How To Choose Sunglasses According To Face Shape?

First, it is essential to point out that you can wear whatever you want, and the main thing in choosing the shape of your glasses like Original Pilot is to feel good about them. That said, glasses can help balance some aspects of your face, so we can say that some models are better suited to certain types of faces.

To choose the ideal sunglasses, you need to determine your face shape. Here we have complete content on types of glasses for each face that teaches you how to measure your face and discover its shape before choosing your ideal frame.