Collaborating With A Custom Packaging Company: Things To Know!


Custom packaging offers several advantages for a brand. It is not about adding a few printed brand stickers on a random generic box. The idea is to create a box that works for the concerned product. The product size, dimensions, and other aspects do matter for the design, and to get things right, it is important to find a reliable custom packaging company. In this post, we are discussing how you can compare and select between vendors, with aspects that need attention.

Think of expertise and experience

When it comes to custom packaging, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, you need a company that can handle all kinds of box requirements. A box design for a pizza would be extremely different than that of a luxury perfume. You need a company that has the maximum range, and therefore, experience and expertise counts. As a new client, you can ask for samples and check if the vendor has worked with clients with a similar profile or business as yours. Don’t shy away from asking for references.

Check if they can help with design

Yes, many custom packaging companies do offer help with box design and graphics. Many vendors have an in-house team of design, who assist clients on designing the box and selecting the graphics, which can further help in reducing costs. Think of this – if you hire a team of box design experts, you would be spending a lot more on the actual design process.

Find more on the capacities

A custom packaging company should be capable of handling all large and small orders easily. Every company does have a minimum order quantity, which is again of extreme importance, especially if yours is a small company with limited resources. Some vendors do accept smaller orders of 100 boxes or more, which can be an advantage.

Think of ecofriendly boxes

It is absolutely important to choose ecofriendly custom boxes, if viable for your product. Keep in mind that more customers are opting for brands that care for the environment, and this could be a great way to keep compliance with relevant laws, as well. You may also want to check for corrugated boxes too, which are most recycled and are considered to be great for long-term packaging needs.

Check online now to find more on custom packaging companies in your area and place the first order after discussing the design.