A Complete Guide in Buying Nespresso Vertuo Machine


Nespresso has been a famous single-serve espresso system. It’s an ideal way to brew a flavorful shot of espresso to drink on its own. Or you can also add amazing creamy froth to it for a nice pick-me-up coffee drink. Nespresso has stretched its systems since then. To include machines that produce coffee also espresso. Nowadays, there are espresso-only brewers, OriginalLine. And also nespresso vertuo, the Coffee and Espresso brewers.

What is Nespressso Vertuo?

A one-touch brewing system is the Vertuo by Nespresso creates a long cup of coffee. As an addition to a great traditional cup of lungo or espresso. Just like the Nespresso machines before. Vertuo manages automatically to produce espresso or coffee at ideal settings for great results.

Vertuo is an older form of the VertuoPlus. So you can expect development on design and performance in the VertuoPlus model.


  • Vertuo has a 54oz water capacity with 17 used capsule storage capacities.
  • There are two capacities in VertuoPlus: VertuoPlus has a capacity of 40oz and 10 used capsule drawer capacity.


  • Vertuo has a more large design. The water reservoir is set on the side of the machine. While the used capsule drawer is set on the opposite side.
  • VertuoPlus and VertuoPlus Deluxe have a sleek and more modern design. Starting with its portable water reservoir. This lets you move it to the left, right, or back of the machine. For someone with limited space, it is a great design. The models also have 2 various designs. One from Breville and the other from DeLonghi.

The technology of Vertuo:

Vertuo machines are furnished with a patented technology known as Centrifusion. It works unlikely than their OriginalLine machines. Or any other single-serve machines that need a pump for coffee extraction. Centrifusion manages by quickly rotating the capsule as it extracts the coffee. By occupying the capsule with water as it spins. The system makes sure full coffee extraction and ground saturation.

Another technology that Vertuo has is the smart system that interprets the barcode on every coffee capsule you brew. And adjusts automatically the machine to the best parameters for that every capsule. This means that you will have a distinct experience for every espresso or coffee blend you brew using a Vertuo machine.

Nespresso Vertuo Capsules:

Vertuo machines are only matched with capsules created only for them by Nespresso. You can select from a span of coffee capsules or espresso in various sizes. The Vertuo system is restricted to its capsules. There are no option capsules or refillable capsules. 

Nespresso Virtuo Machines:

The Vertuo brewing system is accessible in various models to select from. Almost all the Vertuo machines are matched with the same capsules, yet they will vary in design.

Drinks you can make with Vertuo:

Below are the available serving sizes and drinks on a Vertuo machine:

  • Espresso- 1.35oz
  • Double Espresso- 2.7 oz
  • Americano (Gran Lungo)- 5oz
  • Coffee- 7.77 oz
  • Alto- 14oz

You also have the option to make specialty coffee drinks: Macchiato, Latte, Cappuccino. And any recipes by adding milk or frothy milk to espresso. Standard coffee makers are ordinary in almost every household. Yet, people still visit the nearest coffee shop to have a fix of espresso or cappuccino. These drinks, after all, need barista expertise and a full-size espresso value a great deal. This is where a Nespresso comes in place to provide you with a quality espresso-only with a press of a button.

It works best for those who are fond of coffees for a long time with the Nespresso Vertuo Machines. And like filtered or an Americano coffee. It also comes with all great and smart features such as quick heating time. Power-saving mode, good water tank capacity, and so on.