What to consider when buying backwash units for a salon?


Salon furniture is critical not only for its aesthetics but also for convenience for both employees and customers. Customers easily overlook the comfort of a satisfactory service if they are amidst an uncomfortable experience with the furniture. Raggedy, unhygienic-looking, or uncomfortable furniture will linger in the forefront of a client’s memory. Comfort for both staff and clients, durability, hygiene, affordability, style, aesthetic, size, and usefulness are all factors to consider when selecting backwash units for salon.

Why is buying backwash units tricky?

Backwash units or shampoo bowls are some of the most expensive furniture pieces an owner has to invest in. They not only consume a lot of room in the salon, but they also need to be strategically placed for water supply. The available space may influence the choice of backwash unit or shampoo bowls. The former is effectively a unit that includes a seat and a washbasin. At the same time, the latter is simply a shampoo bowl that is generally incorporated into a separate counter or unit and for which one would need to acquire different seats.

The tricky part comes in due to the multi-faceted role that the new age furniture is expected to fulfill. This trend is rapidly capturing the salon industry. Some multi-functional furniture includes a fully adjustable treatment couch or massage bed with built-in lighting and music, backwash units with a massager, and remote control. Furniture, like other aspects of the company, is susceptible to fashion. And this is maybe the one area in which industry experts urge caution. Impulsive purchasing of the latest and allegedly best piece of furniture might prove to be not only an expensive purchase but also one that becomes obsolete a few months later when the current fashion goes away.

What to consider when buying a backwash unit?

Before purchasing a backwash unit, it is necessary to prepare a critical assessment to consider the space available, the number of units required, and the installation prerequisites.

  1. Requirement Analysis

Backwash units come in an unlimited variety of designs and choices. It is best to do a thorough analysis before committing to a purchase. Backwash units can cost up to the same amount of space as a hairdryer or blow-dryer.

  1. Design

Modern backwash units for salons with both a shampoo bowl and a chair connected are the most popular choice among today’s salon owners. Backwash units can adjust to different heights to accommodate those who use wheelchairs or assisted living facilities in assisted living facilities and retirement community salons.

  1. Comfort

Ensure the shampoo chair is adjustable and has cushioned back support since the customer is diverse in terms of form, height, and age. Make sure to check if the shampoo unit is ergonomically constructed so you can wash your hair at the same time every time.

  1. Style

Consider what will complement and be consistent with the salon’s décor and furniture when choosing salon backwash units. Shampoo bowls are available in black and white from most brands, with certain companies giving more color options. Some manufacturers offer customized demands for bespoke shampoo chairs.

  1. Material

The shampoo basin and chair combination might get dirty due to the services offered. A salon shampoo bowl with an acrylic coating or porcelain enamel is required if the salon provides color, perm, or relaxer treatments. Purchase salon vinyl chair cleaner to clean and maintain your chair vinyl daily.

  1. Installation

Make sure to get your salon shampoo bowls installed by a licensed plumber. Inadequate installations might be a complete waste of money. Don’t let your money go to waste – it’s worth it to spend a little more to get the work done correctly.

  1. Budget

Shampoo bowls, shampoo chairs, and backwash units for the salon come in a wide range of prices. Shampoo bowl and chair combinations are available in a variety of designs and quality levels. Being honest about what is and what is not affordable before deciding on the ideal match can save hard-earned money.


Finding the right match might be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. With the appropriate advice and help, anybody can turn their ideal salon into a reality, complete with long-lasting backwash units. Having an upgraded, comfortable salon backwash unit not only improves the client experience but may also lead to repeat customers and referrals.