Buying Product Key For Windows 10 Pro: Quick Guide For Beginners!


Windows 10 has been touted as the best version of Windows in years. Microsoft, which had a hard time with Windows 8.1, initially offered Windows 10 as a free upgrade, but after the first year, a product key was made mandatory for all versions. Windows 10 has two basic versions – Home and Pro. While the Home version is designed for noncommercial use, Windows 10 Pro is meant for small businesses and professionals. The Professional Version has more security features, and a special Business store for Windows among other things, besides all the features of Home edition.

While you can download and install the OS for free, you need to buy Windows 10 Pro key to activate it. In this post, we are discussing more on how to buy the product key, other aspects like activating your version.

Do I need a product key?

To be fair, you can use Windows 10 Pro without a product key, but there are a few cons to that. Firstly, you cannot access the full suite of personalization features that the OS as to offer. To top that, Windows will ask you for activation time and again, and you will also find a watermark on your desktop that says ‘Activate Windows’. Since the Windows 10 Pro is designed for business and professional use, we highly recommend that you activate it using a genuine product key.

Get product keys at a discount

Microsoft does sell product keys for Windows 10 Pro on its website, but if you want to save some money, just check online for third-party sellers. These are vendors who work directly with resellers and get product keys in bulk. Each key is then sent to customers after the purchase is made. Additionally, you can get support for all technical aspects, in case there is an issue in using the key. These Windows 10 Pro keys sold by other vendors are retail keys.

Activating Windows 10 Pro

If you have the product key, activating Windows 10 Pro is pretty simple. Just go to the Settings Section and select the tab called Update and Security. Here you will find the option of Activation. Enter your unique product key, and Windows 10 Pro will be ready for use. Activation doesn’t require any further input and you will continue getting all the updates from Microsoft as and when available and without any extra charges.

Get a product key for Windows 10 Pro now!